Marcy Swenson
Helping founders grow as fast as their companies


Helping founders grow as fast as their companies.


If you are a startup founder looking to increase your leadership effectiveness and happiness, you’re in the right place.

I help my clients grow as fast as their companies do. I love coaching startup founders as they build and lead high functioning executive teams, create successful products and services, secure rounds of funding, undergo massive growth, and realize personal happiness.

Prior to coaching, I was a technical co-founder with multiple successful exits and an IPO. I offer a blend of coaching, mentoring, and skill building. My style is pragmatic, supportive, dorky, humorous, appreciative, and curious. I will kindly but firmly offer difficult feedback, and also challenge you to celebrate your successes. I believe that living with appreciation and joy is compatible with kicking ass and being wildly successful. I strive to be the coach I wish I’d had myself.

At the beginning of our work together, we will develop a set of shared goals; this framework helps us stay focused on the things you value most. If you’d like feedback from your colleagues, we can run a 360 degree review to gather anonymous feedback (link to Leadership Circle) on your leadership. Each time we meet, we build an agenda together based on both current challenges and longer term goals, to help you to learn to stay focused on the things that will create the most impact. My goal is to help you learn while we’re together, but also to provide you with models and ways of thinking that you will benefit from throughout your career.

Common reasons for wanting to work with me:

  • We closed a round of funding; I need to uplevel my leadership team

  • I need to hire and lead people more experienced than I am

  • I want to be more confident and self-aware

  • I want to communicate effectively and easily, regardless of the situation

  • I wish I could see around corners and anticipate problems 

  • I want to work with someone who’s been there

  • I am working as hard as I can, but I always feel behind

  • I need to shift my mindset from frugality to using money to grow wisely

My clients range from first-time founders to veterans running their third or fourth company. Most of my clients are CEOs or technical co-founders, though I've worked successfully with nearly every C-suite role.

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About Marcy

As an executive coach working with growth-stage CEOs and tech leaders, a startup founder with multiple exits, and a managing partner at a seed-stage investment fund, Marcy has deep knowledge of the entrepreneur’s journey from multiple perspectives.

Following a successful career co-founding three tech companies over 20 years, Marcy became one of the first executive coaches working specifically with startup founders, contributing to effective leadership and growth at companies such as Lyft, Reddit, Twilio, and Pivotal Labs.

Marcy is also faculty at, training and mentoring senior coaches worldwide to be more effective with their own clients.



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